03 Jul 2015

All the President's reading

Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi, the highest-selling Man Booker winning novel of them all, has fans in very high places
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26 Jun 2015

Playtime with Howard Jacobson

Howard Jacobson, Man Booker winner in 2010 with The Finkler Question, has been musing – in his inimitable way – on the nature of art and creativity.
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12 Jun 2015

Krasznahorkai and writing like a martial-artist

The Man Booker International Prize winner László Krasznahorkai is a distinctive character. He is no fan of fame and fortune but rather of a monkish lifestyle in the service of art
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05 Jun 2015

Ali Smith and a return to writing

Ali Smith’s 2014 Man Booker shortlisted How to be Both just keeps on hoovering up the accolades.
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29 May 2015

The Krasznahorkai challenge

The "discovery" of László Krasznahorkai continues apace in the wake of the Hungarian's Man Booker International Prize victory. 
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20 May 2015

László Krasznahorkai - the perfect international writer

László Krasznahorkai is the perfect international writer for the Man Booker International Prize. Born in Hungary, the 61-year-old Krasznahorkai has lived and worked in Germany, Mongolia, China, Japan and New York
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